German Bratwurst Sausage Seasoning Mix


A lightly spiced mix that is perfect for pork, beef or chicken.

Makes a lovely variation to what you expect from a Bratwurst. Simply add cure if you want to make a semi dried sausage.

This pack will make over 4kg of sausages.

This is for making a fresh/wet sausage, simply mix the required qty of seasoning with chilled water and your Pork mince (with visible fat), fill your casings, refrigerate overnight so that the sausage mix stabilises then cook, refrigerate or freeze.

Full Recipe Here!

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  • YUMMY!!!!

    Posted by col leita on 14th Jun 2014


    excellent seasoning,we use it for pork left over from making salami,follow the instructions and you cant go wrong.we fine mince pork with approx 30%fat then fill into 35mm natural casings hang for 1/2 days in the coolroom and cook slowly on the bbq so you dont burst the sausage,we serve them up in a good bread roll with mustard/sauce or mixed through sauerkraut,any which way these snags are great to eat

See All 1 Customer’s Review