Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing 4th Edition- Rytek Kutas


Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing




Introducing the 4th edition written by a professional sausage maker. For home or commercial use. Referred to by many as the bible of sausage making. This book is a must for the aspiring sausage maker with easy to read directions and recipes, or the experienced sausage maker who would like to expand their sausage making horizons.


You will learn from this book how to:

*  Make fresh and smoked sausage

*  Build a smoker

*  Prevent tough casings

*  Make jerky in your own kitchen oven

*  Make bacon

*  Smoke turkeys and fish

*  Pump hams and turkeys

*  Cure & smoke meats

*  Make dry cured sausage

*  Smoke and preserve fish and meat

*  Build a smoker & set up a sausage kitchen


This book is filled with usable, easy to follow information with over 500 pages, over 190 recipes & over 200 illustrations and photos, some in color.


*  Revised in 1999 - New section on canning

*  Hardback Revised Edition - Over 500,000 original copies sold


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  • Enjoying a new hobby

    Posted by Jan Atkinson on 29th Aug 2016


    As newcomers to the art of smoking and curing, this book is very clear with directions and so will be easy to make really good home-made products.

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