Hickory Wood Sawdust (150g)


Hickory Wood Sawdust, this dust is most suitable when smoking with either a Weber or Hooded BBQ or for creating smoke inside wood fired Pizza Oven.

As with all smoking try to keep the burn of the chips slow. You can acheive this by soaking the chips in water for at least 12 hours prior to use, then encasing the chips in foil, punching a small hole in the foil and placing the parcel very near, but not on top of the heat source. This will be trial and error depending on the type of unit you are trying to use. 


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    Posted by Unknown on 4th Feb 2016


    $9.99 for 450g of sweet, rich hickory sawdust? You bet that's a good deal! Do you know how much cocaine costs per gram? Well it's a lot more. But whatever hole cocaine fills in your life, this sawdust will fill it so much better. AND your food will taste better than Dionysus' grapes.
    I'm not saying cocaine is bad, but I am saying that this sawdust is better. 5 stars.

See All 1 Customer’s Review