Jerky Slicer - Meat Tenderizer/Cuber (Manual)


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This is a very handy piece of jerky making equipment to have in the kitchen.

Use it to slice up your Jerky, simply slice your big roast size piece of muscle meat into approx 1" wide slabs and feed it into the slicer and turn the handle to get perfectly even slices of meat for Jerky.

It also comes with the blades to use it as a tenderiser/cuber for turning the not so great cuts of meat into steaks or casserole meat.

Attaches securely to your bench top with the clamps supplied with the unit. Powder coated for easy clean up.

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  • Nearly makes slicing jerky fun!

    Posted by Stephen on 22nd Feb 2014


    An absolute must for any one who makes large quantities of jerky on a regular basis. Just cut your beef into 1" thick steaks (no thicker or they will jam up)and feed it through the shute. No need to par freeze your meat, could'nt be easier.

See All 1 Customer’s Review