Kransky Seasoning - 150g


Kransky is a gourmet sausage with a nice and spicy flavour which you can add cheese, chilli or liquid smoke to modify if you choose. In addition to this Kransky seasoning, you will need to add a cure to this seasoning in order to make a semi dried sausage.

The Kransky Seasoning 150g is enough seasoning to make over 5kg of Kransky sausages and instructions are included.

Don't forget to also purchase your casings - we recommend our All Natural Hog casings Size 36 if you are going to dry these sausages.


Check out our easy Kransky recipe here: Misty Gully Kransky Recipe

Product Reviews

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  • A very nice sausage

    Posted by Trevor Pottinger on 12th Oct 2017


    Made a very nice sausage, the mix had some small lumps that I had to sieve out but it made up for it in flavour. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to make a kransky sausage.

  • Venison Kransky

    Posted by Robert Wyllie on 30th Jun 2017


    I've been playing with different spice for a while now and couldn't get it right so i tryed the kransky spice form smoked and cured it was the best decision i could have made they come out perfect full of flavour easy to use couldn't be happier.

  • I love the ease of a one step seasoning

    Posted by Steve @ swoddahs on 14th Dec 2015


    I love the ease of a one step seasoning , it just takes one of the many steps that you have to get right , out of the mix ..... Bloody love it and it tastes better than the othe 2 i have tried

See All 3 Customer’s Reviews