Kransky Seasoning 150g


Kransky another of the family favourite gourmet sausages. A nice and spicey sausage full of flavour. You can add cheese or chilli to change its personality if you choose.

You will need to add cure to this to make a semi dried sausage

Enough seasoning to make 4kg's of sausages. Instructions included.

Don't forget your casings, we recommend All Natural casings if you are going to dry these sausages. You may choose to smoke them or add liquid smoke to give them that smokey flavour.


Check out our recipe here: Misty Gully Kransky Recipe

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  • A very nice sausage

    Posted by Trevor Pottinger on 12th Oct 2017


    Made a very nice sausage, the mix had some small lumps that I had to sieve out but it made up for it in flavour. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to make a kransky sausage.

  • Venison Kransky

    Posted by Robert Wyllie on 30th Jun 2017


    I've been playing with different spice for a while now and couldn't get it right so i tryed the kransky spice form smoked and cured it was the best decision i could have made they come out perfect full of flavour easy to use couldn't be happier.

  • I love the ease of a one step seasoning

    Posted by Steve @ swoddahs on 14th Dec 2015


    I love the ease of a one step seasoning , it just takes one of the many steps that you have to get right , out of the mix ..... Bloody love it and it tastes better than the othe 2 i have tried

See All 3 Customer’s Reviews