Masterbuilt 30" Smoker Gen 1 - Replacement Element


These elements are for the Generation 1 - 30" / 80cm / 240V/800W Masterbuilt Electric Smoker as shown in the photos in this listing.

Suits smoker with either a window door or a plain black door with square corners on the controller

Can be easily fitted by receiver, if you have any doubts about your ability to remove the existing element or replace it with the new one please employ an electrical appliance person to do this for you.

If your smoker has either stopped heating or trips the house safety switch or fuse then the element may have developed a fault.

Electric elements operating in the harsh environment of the smokehouse should be considered as a consumable item.

Product Reviews

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  • element review

    Posted by phil. on 7th Feb 2017


    arrived quickly, easy to install and as a bonus it actually works. winner winner smoked beef dinner.

  • Easy to fit

    Posted by Peter Brandner on 31st Dec 2016


    The element was a perfect fit for my smoker

  • Replacement heating element

    Posted by Shan on 22nd Feb 2016


    Even without instructions (but finding some online), it wasn't too difficult to replace the element. Got 5kgs of belly ready to break in the new element in a few days!

See All 4 Customer’s Reviews