Misty Gully Liquid Smoke (1L)


Gluten Free. Vegan friendly.

Misty Gully Liquid Smoke can be used in sauces and marinades, as a spray when cooking, in salads, in scrambled eggs, on steaks and ribs, in pastas and risottos... just about anything!

Only a few drops are required to achieve that smoke flavour you love, without any of the hassles of actually using a smoke machine.

Give your home cooking the Misty Gully Liquid Smoke 'Wow' factor today!



Hickory - strong yet mellow, slightly spicy. The perfect all-rounder. Great on vegetables, tofu, beef & pork.

Apple - sweeter than Hickory. Great on chicken, pork and fish. Superb in salads.

Mesquite - the strongest and sharpest of the flavours, it's best suited to red meats such as beef and certain cuts of pork. Very effective when used as an additive to sauces and marinades for a smokey 'X' factor.

Outback Campfire - very mellow smoke flavour with an added highlight of caramel that gives it the added ability to provide a slight warm brown coloured glaze to the surface of your meats and vegetables making it very useful as a browning agent as well as providing a char grilled campfire flavour. You can spray it on your roast veggies prior to and during cooking, particularly good for roast chickens and for a fantastic unique finish to Pork crackling. Also gives sausages and salamis a great rich colour and smokey flavour.

 * Also available in 210ml bottles and powdered form *

(Manufactured from local and imported ingredients.)

Product Reviews

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  • Misty Gully Liquid Smoke

    Posted by Ian on 7th Nov 2019


    My initial purchase was a 210ml bottle and after trying it with my home-cured bacon, I decided to purchase a litre of each. Each type has a distinct quality and produces a great smoke flavour and aroma. Fantastic in your own barbeque sauce recipe too!.

  • Amazing

    Posted by Terrance Broadway on 26th Oct 2019


    I used this for our burgers because w don’t have access to open flame. I like it better.

  • Loving liquid smoke

    Posted by Damien Clark on 17th Dec 2018


    Adds great flavour to everything.

See All 7 Customer’s Reviews