Natural Hog/Pig Sausage Casings - Large Size 44 - Cacciatore


These casings are of the best quality and come packed in salt and are sealed to ensure freshness. size 44+mm diameter.

They are perfect for large salami Cacciatore style sausages. Will make a large / thick sausage like butcher's sausage size 44 and will make approx 14 - 16kg of sausages. Perfect for both fresh or cured sausages.

We have been searching for an Organic sausage casing but it seems that they are rarer than hens teeth due to the cost involved with setting up the plant to process them. An All Natural Pig/Hog casing is the closest product you can get to being organic. 

Product Reviews

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  • Excellent quality

    Posted by John on 14th May 2018


    Very happy with quality of this product. No splits during stuffing and good length

  • top quality casing

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Oct 2017


    Great quality hogs casing. Perfect for my cacciatore. And way more in the pack than I expected.

  • Excellent

    Posted by John on 15th Sep 2017


    Works a treat. Follow the instructions for preparing. I find I can stuff about 20-22 kg of salami mix into the supplied casing.

See All 5 Customer’s Reviews