Pastrami Seasoning Mix 250g


One pack contains 250g, enough for approx 7kg of meat.

 Check out our awesome Pastrami recipe here

When making your own Pastrami you will first need to cure your meat and then rub a mix of spices into the meat to create a tasty crust that makes ordinary meat instantly recognisable as Pastrami.

Traditionally Pastrami is made with Beef but you can use any meat to make this popular treat. See our recipe that gives you two different alternative ways to prepare your own Pastrami, quick and easy and traditionally smoked. If you just want to season and smoke buy a piece of corned beef from your butcher and use that as your cured meat. Pickled Pork is also an interesting substitute.

This mix comes in three packs one for the traditional method that includes the cure & seasoning, one for the easy process that requires pre-smoked seasonings and the third is the unsmoked seasoning only. The seasoning mix is a blended combination of spices that includes Pepper, Coriander & spices, with just the right qty's of each.

This is the seasoning only mix, don't forget to order Cure #1 6.25% if you want to cure your own meat.


Product Reviews

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  • Smells and tastes awesome!

    Posted by Josh on 4th Jun 2017


    Authentic taste, great spice mix!

  • seems ok. pastrami still in oven.

    Posted by Victor goldfinch B on 16th Apr 2017


    Used 1/2 PACK on 3KG MEAT. IT WAS PLENTY.

  • King of Pastrami.

    Posted by Alex on 23rd Sep 2013


    The instructions could not have been easier, and I liked the option of Quick/Traditional. The mix of spices is spot on (that aroma) and the final product was the real deal. I cured and smoked mine, but you could use this mix on any roast... I love it :-)

See All 3 Customer’s Reviews