Peach Paper Bags (25 Pack)


Beat the stall and save the bark! Create perfect ribs and brisket at home every time.

Inspired by Aaron Franklin.

Aaron Franklin is renowned in Texas USA as a grilling master and a champion at Low and Slow cooking on the grill.

Many of us know that part of a big part of a great result with the Low and Slow cook is the wrapping. Traditionally the wrapping has been done with foil, but if you have done this you know that the nice crust that you achieved during the first part of the cook will go soggy and you will end up with a pool of juices in the bottom of the foil wrapping that end up running all over the place.

The paper allows the crust to stay firm, the juices will stay in the meat and it wont dry out. As low and slow cooking is done at low temperatures, especially towards the end of the actual initial cooking time (which is when you wrap it) the bag wont burn either.

Many grill masters and competition winners prefer to use Peach Paper or Red Butchers paper as it is referred to in many forums. Have a read online and watch Aaron Franklin on You Tube and you will see proven results and more details when to and when not to wrap your meat.

We have been asked to source this paper and as we are not known to let our customers down we finally have a product for you that actually takes it one step further.

We now have it in bags, which we researched and tested thoroughly. Our findings are that the bag actually holds the moisture in better and you don't get the water running out the bottom as you move it around. It is really easy to slide your meat into the wide opening of the bag and simply roll the top over or clip it with a wooden peg or staples.

They don't drip, the oil is absorbed by the bag but it wont run out. They are not too hot to touch out of the grill.

The bags are totally food grade, manufactured in Australia and regulated by the Australian food authority to be safe to use with all foods including meat.

This listing is for 50 pack of these bags.