Bactoferm T-D-66 Meat Starter Culture 25g (for fermented sausage)


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T-D-66is a mixed meat culture for traditional production of fermented meat products at temperatures between 18-24°C (64-75°F). The culture gives an intermediate acidification and ensures a good flavor and color development

T-D-66 is particularly recommended for the production of traditional North European type of sausages with a sourish flavor note. The final pH may be regulated by adjusting the amount of fermentable sugars added to the meat mince.


Bactoferm T-D-66 Starter Culture 25 gram pack will process 25kg of meat.

This starter culture is for fast fermented north european and US style Salami.

Due to several requests for products that can assist with fermented or air dried salamis we have located a supply of starter cultures.

Starter cultures are used to convert sugars to lactic acid in fermented sausages. It produces the tangy flavour that we are familiar with in salamis. The culture is added to the sausage mix prior to stuffing the casings.

Starter cultures are used to balance PH levels, provide a tangy flavour, control growth of friendly bacteria and to speed up the fermentation process.

Traditionally the manufacture of fermented sausages has relied on the correct balance of bacteria’s already being present in the meat. This can be a hit and miss process with some failures, using a starter culture (correctly) will ensure a more reliable result.

Starter cultures must be kept frozen once received (6 mths life frozen) and if kept defrosted must be used within 14 days.  If you place an order for this product we will order it fresh from the supplier, please expect a short delay to allow for extra delivery days. Once we receive it your order will be shipped in an overnight post pack. We do not recomend that you order this product during the summer months due to not being in control of the product during the shipping period.


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