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Biltong Seasoning – RyRy’s Regular Blend 250g


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Biltong Brewing Company – RyRy’s Regular Blend – 250g


This blend has aromatic Black Pepper and Coriander Seed with an extra kick of red chilli pepper.

The spice is blended and packed in NSW, Australia. 

The natural blend may harden over time, this will not impact flavour. Simply shake before use or break it up with a mortar and pestle/blender.

Gluten Free.


How to make Biltong

3kg Beef, best cut is Silverside

300mL Malt Vinegar

100mL Worcestershire Sauce

150g Biltong Spice


Step 1) Cut the meat along the grain in 2cm thick pieces.

Step 2) Soak the meat in Vinegar and Worcestershire sauce for 1 hour, longer if time permits. Turn meat occasionally.

Step 3) Spice the meat evenly and give it a good rub.

Step 4) Hang the meat in a drying box (search Biltong drying box on the web), leaving gaps between pieces. Dry for 3-6 days depending on meat thickness.





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