Cleaver Salumi Curing Cabinet – The Hog

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Cleaver Salumi/Charcuterie curing cabinets (curing chambers) are the answer to making traditional salami and charcuterie all year round! They’re also the answer for people living in warmer climates who would otherwise not be able to dry cure in their natural environment. The Cleaver products are able to create the perfect environment (humidity, temperature and air flow) for dry curing and dry ageing.

There are different models available, which vary in size and price. There are also models designed specifically for dry ageing beef (perfect for cafe’s and restaurants).

This Cleaver salumi cabinet is ‘The Hog’ and is the largest size available. The ultimate Cleaver. Loads of hanging space and capable of curing up to 16 legs of prosciutto.

Each cabinet is freestanding with tinted, double glazed glass door and pull out stainless steel shelves of which you can easily hang product from.

The Cleaver curing chamber is equipped with heater, compressor cooling, self-evaporating de-humidification, humidifier and passive air-circulation.

Temperature, de-humidification and internal light are controlled via the LED panel.


Height: 1805mm
Width: 595mm
Depth: 680mm
Weight: 85kg
Volume: 450L
Meat capacity: up to 70kg
(maximum batch size <40kg)
Humidity Range: 60% to 85%
Temperature Range: 5°C to 22°C
Shelves: Four (46cm x 53cm)

Warranty: 2 years full replacement guarantee.

PRICE: $2,995 – Pickup from our warehouse. Please note if you would like us to ship this product, please contact us for a freight quote or we will contact you after purchase to organise freight.

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Weight 85 kg

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