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Cracked Pepper 10/16 mesh 150g

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10-16 mesh cracked pepper is perfect for American BBQ rubs.

Peppercorns are one of the largest spice exports in the world due to its wide range of use. Any dish can be transformed with addition of the slightly hot and bitter peppers. They are a great addition to vegetables, seasonings, rubs and dressings, or sprinkled over any meal of choice.

Cracked black pepper is made by crushing the whole peppercorn, as opposed to grounding it, by hand with a meat mallet, cutting board, knife etc. This process gives off a more intense flavour then that of ground peppercorns. With a 10/16 mesh, these cracked peppercorns are medium sized, the size applicable for table use and on rubs.

Misty Gully’s range of premium spices have been sourced especially for making small goods at home, when only the best quality will do!

Additional information
Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 20 cm
Availability Now available in-store at
25 Salvator Dr Campbellfield 3061

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