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Grill Scraper – The Good Rub


Customise your Australian made Wooden GRill scraper to your grill. Ausrtalian made, a MUST for any BBQ enthusiast.

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New Australian Made Alternative

Safe- No Wire Bristles, Effective- Customises To Grill, Easy To Clean, Long Lasting.

Introducing The Good Rub GRILL SCRAPER


. Safe No Wire Bristles
. Effective Customises To Grill
. Easy To Clean
. Long Lasting
. Australian Made Product

Product Details
The Good Rub – Grill Scraper The Good Rub Grill Scraper is the safest, most durable, Grill cleaner on the market, whilst also being gentle on your Grill surface, highly effective and easy to use. The concept of Wooden Grill Scrapers was developed in North America, as replacement to using a traditional wire brush. There have been 1000’s of reported incidents of wire bristles being ingested by people whilst eating meat at a BBQ. This is obviously very dangerous and after seeing similar cases reported in Australia, we thought it was time to develop a local product for the ever-growing Australian BBQ culture. It has taken a few years to perfect the design and find the ideal timber source for this product. We needed a timber that was exactly the right hardness so that the scrapers would customise to individual grill surfaces, whilst also being durable enough to withstand the heating and cooling of the application. In the end we have discovered Plantation Mahogany, which is creating a product that we are very excited to launch. Just the right hardness and durability, with the bonus of being sustainable and beautiful to use. The results are amazing and once you have used one you will throw away your wire brush for good! Check out the below news stories, where people have been hospitalised in Australia from wire

Customise your GRill scraper:

  1. Crank your grill right up. The hotter the grill the easier it is to form the grooves.

  2. Position the scraper at a 45 deg. Angle, covering as many grill grates as possible. Rub back and forth along the grill to start forming the grooves.

  3. The grooves will continue to form with each use.


  1. Turn the scraper sideways to lean between the grates.

  2. The Grill Scraper is treated with food grade mineral oil which you can apply again if required.

  3. For stubborn grill mess, dip the scraper in water to create steam on grill contact.

  4. Wipe clean after use.

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