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Hi Mountain Jerky Cutting Board

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This cutting board is an essential part of any enthusiast’s jerky making supplies.


Cutting muscle meat perfectly to size is the most difficult part of making jerky. It is made so much easier with the use of the Hi Mountain Jerky Cutting Board.

The board is made from premium hardwood with a Baltic birch insert and has been specifically designed to allow you to easily cut your meat for even penetration of the jerky cures and seasonings. This novel cutting board, made in the USA, allows you to cut your meat perfectly every time to either a 1/4in (6mm) or 3/8in (9mm) thickness (you’ll get no scrappy off cuts or wasted meat!).   

This item is the Board and insert only.

(Knife shown in the picture is available separately)

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 22 × 15 cm
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