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Try mixing 10gms of the powder with your favourite seasonings, garlic, herbs and spices and then blend with enough oil to use as an external marinade on steaks or for basting. The natural minerals will enhance the flavour of any meat.

Don’t you hate it when you put a nice fleshy roast in the oven for a slow cook and in no time there is a puddle of juice in the bottom of the oven tray and the roast has shrunk down in size? To top it off, there is no flavour and is tough as old boots. 

Commercial restaurants and caterers use a meat tenderiser and pump their roasts with a small amount of infused water to bring out the flavour and reduce shrinkage of meats. This not only improves the flavour and replaces some of the lost moisture but also tenderises the meat by reducing the pH level.

The salt improves the flavour and the fruit acids reduce the pH level which breaks down the sinews in the meat giving you a flavoursome, moist and tender roast.

How to use:

Simply mix 10g with 100mls of water and inject it into the meat, you can add some flavours to this if you want to but you need to make sure that your injector can handle the pieces if you put herbs in, most injector needles cannot handle any swollen seasonings.

Poultry, beef, pork and lamb will all benefit from this simple process that takes no time and will make such a difference to the end result.

By injecting the meat, you will compensate for the natural loss of moisture after processing and during cooking.

The Meat Tenderiser Mix is developed and manufactured in Germany.

You can also add more flavour to beef roasts by dry aging them for a short while before cooking, most meats come straight from the processing plant to the butcher and into your shopping cart before they have had time to loose a tooth! So a bit of aging will make an enormous difference to the meat. Check out our Banquet Bags for dry aging solutions that you can do at home safely, cheaply and easily. 

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