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Misty Gully Banquet Bags Salami Casings Instructions

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Instructions for use of our amazing Banquet Bag Salami Casings. Making your own Artisan quality Salami at home has never been easier! Includes easy beginner friendly recipe and steps.

Try ageing your own steak at home with our dry age bags today! It’s easy, fun and tastes amazing!

Wholesale banquet bag quantities available for foodservice customers. 







IMPORTANT:Making salami and other dry aged or air-dried meats requires significant care, diligence and responsibility. Results can vary significantly and can potentially not be safe for consumption due to various factors such as method of production, quality of meat, cleanliness of equipment and working environment, drying conditions, molds and general hygiene. Smoked and Cured Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for the outcome of meat products made by our customers. We recommend to always follow a trusted recipe precisely.



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