OXYS Powder Steel Artisan Custom Knife

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For very high quality artisan custom knives, please visit our friends over at OXYS Knives. OXYS knives are a team of artisan knife makers based in Ukraine and Melbourne, they make high performance kitchen knives, hand made from the rarest, premium powder steels. Powder steel is a technology intensive, modern approach to metallurgy that offers incredible sharpness paired with strong edge retention. The guys at OXYS can also custom make knifes to any design, which is perfect for a unique item that can be past down the generations. Please visit their website for more info and to purchase:


Powder steel was originally developed in Sweden during the late 1960s and was primarily used in specialized industrial applications. However, in recent years, it has become more accessible to artisan makers, particularly in the realm of tactical knife making. Traditional steels are still the most common material used for kitchen knives.

So, what exactly is powder steel? It is a type of steel that is produced by melting and refining various components such as carbon, tungsten, vanadium, chrome, molybdenum, and cobalt into a fine powder. This powder is then compressed and heated under pressure to create a solid ingot. This complex process results in a uniform arrangement of carbides, which are harder than the steel surrounding them and improve the blade’s wear resistance. Powder metallurgy allows for a high amount of alloying elements to be added to the steel without affecting its strength.

Only a handful of manufacturers produce raw powder steel globally, including Crucible Industries in the USA, Hitachi in Japan, and Böhler-Uddeholm in Austria. Powder steel models vary from stainless to highly reactive and can be designed for toughness or hardness, depending on the desired use and the skill level of the knife maker. Some popular powder steel models include HAP72, CPM S125, REX121, S390, and ZDP-189.


A note on custom projects – lead time is 3-6 months depending on the material used

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