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Pepperoni Seasoning

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Make the perfect Pepperoni at home. Don’t guess with ingredients, we make it simple with our traditional pepperoni seasoning made from premium quality spices.

Directions for use: This is a traditional Italian style dried Pepperoni sausage. Use 3.5kg pork shoulder, 1.5kg beef. Mince near frozen meat through a 6mm plate. Mix 5kg ground pork and beef with Pepperoni Seasoning, 5g of Bactoferm F1 and 15g of Misty Gully Cure #2. Fill size medium-large fibrous casings. Hang for 24 hours at 25-30c and 80-90% humidity. Store sausage at 12-14c and 80% humidity for 3-6 weeks until 30-35% weight loss has been achieved.

Store seasoning in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use only as directed.

Ingredients: salt, paprika, pepper, cayenne pepper, spices, sugar.

Great care and responsibility needs to be taken when making any fermented sausage. Results can vary significantly due to a number of factors including ingredients, method, cleanliness, meat source and drying conditions. As such, Smoked and Cured Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for the outcome.

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