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Rubbed Salt Bush – 50g

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Saltbush leaves indeed have a unique and versatile flavour, making them a great addition to various dishes.


There are several ways to use them:

1. Seasoning for BBQ meats or fish: Saltbush leaves can be used as a flavourful seasoning when BBQing meats or fish. The leaves impart their taste to the food while also helping to keep it moist during cooking. Lamb is particularly well-suited.
2. Salami: Add fresh saltbush leaves to your salami to give them a salty and herbal kick.
3. Fried saltbush leaves: Dip the fresh leaves in batter and fry them until they become crispy.
4. As a seasoning: serve your next steak with a dollop of butter and some salt bush on the side! They’re also great on salad.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 20 cm
Availability Now available in-store at
25 Salvator Dr Campbellfield 3061

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