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SafePro B-LC-78 Meat Starter Culture 25g


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SafePro® B-LC-78 is a culture for colour enhancement and flavour formation in cured meat products produced from high pH raw materials. The culture has a high salt tolerance and provides a pleasant curing flavour and stable colour combined with strong antagonistic properties against Listeria monocytogenes . Additionally, it retards rancidity formation.

SafePro B-LC-78 is designed to aid the curing process of whole muscle Italian style salumi/charcuterie. The contents of the pouch is added directly to the curing salt or to the brine.

Ideal fermentation temperature: 25-30c. Add directly to meat mixture, dry, along with salt and spices.

Starter cultures are used to balance PH levels, provide a tangy flavour, control growth of friendly bacteria and to speed up the fermentation process.



This statement is from the manufacturer regarding the shipment of freeze dried meat cultures:

Chr. Hansen can hereby confirm that shipment of freeze-dried meat cultures at ambient temperatures will not reduce performance below the specified activity. The cultures should however not be subjected to temperatures above 30ºC (86°F) for more than 10 days, as this may compromise product quality. 

If the cultures are stored at –17°C (0°F) or below, the shelf life is at least 18 months. At +5°C (41°F) the shelf life is at least 6 weeks.





IMPORTANT: Making salami and other dry aged or air-dried meats requires significant care, diligence and responsibility. Results can vary significantly and can potentially not be safe for consumption due to various factors such as method of production, quality of meat, cleanliness of equipment and working environment, drying conditions, moulds and general hygiene. Smoked and Cured Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for the outcome of meat products made by our customers. We recommend to always follow a trusted recipe precisely.


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