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SafePro B-LC-78 Meat Starter Culture 25g (for fermented sausage)

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SafePro® B-LC-78 is a culture for color enhancement and flavor formation in cured meat products produced from high pHraw materials. The culture has a high salt tolerance and provides a pleasant curing flavor and stable color combined with strong antagonistic properties against Listeria monocytogenes . Additionally, it retards rancidity formation.

The contents of the pouch is added directly to the curing salt or to the brine.

The culture is added to the sausage mix prior to stuffing the casings.

Ideal fermentation temperature: 25-30c

Starter cultures are used to balance PH levels, provide a tangy flavour, control growth of friendly bacteria and to speed up the fermentation process.

Traditionally the manufacture of fermented sausages has relied on the correct balance of bacteria’s already being present in the meat. This can be a hit and miss process with some failures, using a starter culture (correctly) will ensure a more reliable result.

Starter cultures must be kept frozen once received (6 mths life frozen) and if kept defrosted must be used within 14 days.  If you place an order for this product we will order it fresh from the supplier, please expect a short delay to allow for extra delivery days. Once we receive it your order will be shipped in an overnight post pack. We do not recomend that you order this product during the summer months due to not being in control of the product during the shipping period.


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