Smoking Wood - Jam Logs 10kg
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Our BBQ wood chunk products are food safe, processed especially for use as smoking woods and are all made in Australia (no chainsaws have touched our woods).

Jam wood logs – pack size 10kg

Jam logs add a full flavoured spicy smoke, similar to Mesquite these logs will create premium smoked food when compared to food smoked with Ironbark.

The general rule of thumb when selecting the type of wood to use is that fruit and nut trees that will produce a sweeter/milder smoke are best with white to pink meats and hardwoods like Hickory & Mesquite will create a stronger smoke that is best for red meats. Consider what the tree produces and that will give you an idea of the type of smoke to expect. Avoid woods like Walnut and Eucalyptus. Some people swear by Red Gum but it does create a very strong smoke. The main thing to consider is that you do not over do the smoke, less is definitely more when it comes to smoked meats.

Bulk smoking wood chunk quantities available for foodservice customers.

If you require a wood species that we do not currently carry please let us know so we can source it for you.


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