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Take your home-made bacon hobby to the next level with this pack, designed to turn any hobbyist into a professional.

Terrific value for money, best products money can buy.

This pack includes:

1x Masterbuilt 40″ Smoker- New Model (RRP $899.00)
2 x Misty Gully Bacon Hanger (RRP $49.90)
1 x Misty Gully Semi-Automatic 8″ Meat Slicer (RRP $479.00)
1 x 1kg Misty Gully Cure #1 6.25% (RRP $17.95)
1 x 750g Misty Gully Maple Crystals (RRP $14.95)
1 x 3kg Misty Gully Kosher Salt (RRP $22.95)
1 x 100g Misty Gully Hickory Smoker Powder (RRP $12.95)
10 x 11L Food-grade Zip Lock Plastic Bags (RRP $30.00)
3 x 3L Misty Gully Wood Chips (Hickory, Apple and Cherry) (RRP $38.85)


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Additional information
Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 50 × 105 × 65 cm

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