Salami Improver 200gm ( GDL / Glucono Delta Lactone )


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Salami improver provides and added dimension not obtainable with spices or cooking process's, it adds the genuine flavour of salamis that have been made in the traditional way. Can be added to any of our sausage or jerky seasonings for quick processing, add it to your salami mix when air drying over longer periods.

Meat products can be preserved using fermentation, curing and smoking. GDL is used to enhance modern and traditional meat preservation techniques. The use of GDL has become very popular in Europe where it has been found to be a valuable adjunct to "Old World" processing techniques for semi dried and air dried sausage.

For example, the manufacturing of Air Dried Salamis is quite complex and its success relies heavily on the correct balance of pH, sugars, acids and naturally occurring bacteria in the mix.

The ripening process as well as the curing and red colour formation is highly dependent on the pH level in the meat.

Using salami improver / GDL (Glucono Delta Lactone) means the pH can be lowered directly in the sausage emulsion reducing the development of pathogens and potential spoilage at the same time as speeding up the process reducing the required drying time. GDL has little or no flavour to influence the intended aromatic flavours of the salami. It can even be added to semi dried sausages like, Kransky, Chorizo & Summer sausage to give them that tangy continental flavour, increase the lasting power of the sausages and improve the cutting texture.

The use of GDL in salamis/sausages ensures:

  • shortening of the ripening process
  • significant reduction of risk of bacteria contamination
  • extended shelf life of the finished product
  • reduced necessity for large amounts of nitrite
  • improved firmness and cutting ability of the meat
  • improved colour stability

Simply dissolve the required qty (ie: 5g per 1kg for a casing size of 40-60) of our salami hardener in water and add to your standard recipe. Can be used with any recipe for dried or semi dried sausages.

GDL is a natural constituent of many foods. It can be found in honey, fruit juices, wine and many fermented products. GDL is commercially produced by an aerobic oxidising fermentation process to convert a carbohydrate source into gluconic acid. After fermentation a blend of gluconic acid and GdL is separated by crystallisation. Commercial manufacturers have been using GDL for years and it has become a part of many HACCP processes.