Checkout our range of Salts, Brines and Cures

We have our own range of pure Australian Kosher salt as well as Pickling Salt and a coarse sprinkling salt for that final touch on your main meal.

Our range of Brines and cures are from Hi Mountain Wyoming and our locally sourced Cure #1 & #2 for both cooked and cold smoked/air dried meats.

These products will be used for everything from making Jerky, Semi dried sausages, Salamis, Hams and Bacon.

Cure #1 / 2% nitrites for Jerky and semi dried Sausages, Cure #1 / 6.25% can be used for all curing when heat is applied including using it as a brine or dry cure.

Hi Mountain Fish Brines, Poultry & Game Bird Brine, Buckboard Bacon Dry Cure.

Misty Gully Maple Bacon & Maple Ham cure.

Kosher Salt - Pickling Salt - Sprinkling salt