Sausage Casings Collagen size 23


These Collagen sausage casings will make a small to medium size sausage 23mm

A great sausage making casing for beginners as it is easy to handle, needs no soaking prior to use and can be easily stored without needing to be refrigerated.

Enough casings to make approx 10kg of sausages. (These casings are a product of Australia)

What is a Collagen casing you ask?

Well basically it is made from the collagen found in the skins of livestock, here is a brief overview of the process:

The corium layer of cattle hides is extruded from between the grain (hair) layer and the fat and muscle layer (the hide consists essentially of collagen).  Protein and water are chopped and mixed with lactic acid and cellulose fibers causing them to swell and form a slurry. The slurry is de-aerated under vacuum, and is then homogenized and filtered to tease the collagen fibers apart. The resultant slurry is again de-aerated and stored in chilled tanks.

It is then extruded through a die with counter rotating sleeves, which "weave" the collagen fibers together as they pass through the die. The slurry, which is now in the form of a casing, passes directly into a concentrated coagulating solution of an inorganic salt. The casing is chemically treated in the process machine to cross-link the fibers and give the casing integrity. The casing is then washed and plasticized with glycerin.

The casing is then dried, partially re-humidified and wound on reels. The reels are taken to the shirring area where the collagen casing is shirred on machines similar to the type commonly used in the shirring of regenerated cellulose casings.

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  • By far the easiest to use no mess no prep.

    Posted by Barry Rusch on 17th Jun 2019


    I was a butcher many years ago and whe we switched from gut casings to collagen it was the best thinhg we ever did

  • Size 17mm collagen casings

    Posted by Peter Longobardi on 26th May 2019


    Absolutely perfect to make droewors and twiggy sticks.

  • Sauagage casings

    Posted by Gail Rockliff on 27th Jul 2018



See All 12 Customer’s Reviews