UFO Cold Smoker


The UFO Cold smoker is back in Australia!


Designed to produce cold smoke and can be fitted to any smoking box, shed, old fridge, wine barrel, hooded BBQ or electric smoker. This unit comes with everything you need to assist with installation.


Cold smoke all your foods, like cheese, eggs, garlic, bacon and fish. The UFO Cold Smoke Creator MUST be used with smoking CHIPS or PELLETS, not dust. 

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Product Reviews

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  • UFO Cold smoker

    Posted by Miki Nemet on 19th Apr 2019


    Eggsellent (Good Friday today) product. I use a smoker all the time, making my sausages.

  • UFO COLD Smoker

    Posted by Brian on 6th Jul 2017


    I have to use it a few more times and find out how to get better results.
    I connected it to my big Coolibah Smoker and boy did it make some smoke.
    I had everything shut down so the smoke could not escape and everything was over smoked to where it turned to bitter. I have only ever done cold some so I will have to do some more homework. Any advise

  • UFO cold smoker I use it on my gas barbie for low and slow

    Posted by Victor on 25th Jun 2017


    I went to Meat Fest at Olympic Park and got interested in this slow cooked and smoking method.I did a lot of googling over a 4 weeks period. I decided to buy a pellet smoker then I came across this UFO smoker. I thought, why spend $1500 when I can convert my Barbie into a smoker for $129. It works. Only suggestion is keep the pump on full till it's fully lit. Then it produces the right amount of smoke for your needs by adjusting the pump flow. I cooked a pork butt yesterday and smoked for 4 hours and it used less than a cup of pellets. I've done so far pulled pork, ham, cured it myself, pork ribs. All three yummy.

See All 5 Customer’s Reviews