They’re finally coming…! The new model Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smokers are on their way…
They should arrive on our shores by the end of November, ready to ship
by the end of the first week of December, with plenty of time before

We are currently offering $100 discount to all pre-ordered smokers 40″ Smokers… This sale will end Friday November 20.
So hurry to get in now while you can. All pre orders will not only save
$100, but also will receive an outdoor cover, 500g pack of smoking
pellets and a Hi Mountain Jerky Kit. Sale price $799 + Shipping…

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New products in store now…

living hot sauce
Cowtown’s Night of the Living BBQ Sauce – Ok,
so I haven’t tried them all BUT… this suace is AMAZING. One of my
best mates is from a small town in Kansas and he introduced this local
BBQ Hot Sauce to me several years ago, and I’ve been hunting it down
ever since. This is my favourite BBQ sauce of all time and I’m so excited we can offer it to our customers for the first time on Smoked and Cured.

We’ve also got some seriously HOT hot sauces, jerk sauces and salsa’s on the site, which are not for the faint heartd… Check them out here.

PDV Salt (Premium Dried Vacuum)

pdv jpegDue to numerous enquires… We’re please to announce we now sell Misty Gully PDV Salt in retail size at Smoked & Cured.

is a high purity, fine cubic-crystal salt, especially manufactured to
remove all the residual chemicals and impurities found in salt. A vital
requirement in cheese production and the secret ingredient in many a
traditional curing recipe, Misty Gully PDV is unsurpassed in purity,
quality and performance.

Available in 1kg Retail Packaging here

…and some old favourites are back too!

bacon rub

Meat Lovers and Vegans rejoice! JD’s famous bacon rub
is back. It’s been far too long between rashes for us at Smoked &
Cured but we’re pleased to let you know that these all natural, vegan
friendly rub is back and it is once again, flying off the shelves.

We’re also back in stock with their original Bacon Salt, along with something for the sweettooth’s and larger-than-life flavour lovers out there… Candied Bacon Seasoning… Trust us, try it and you’ll be hooked…!

Also back: Woods! We
have had several shipments over the past few weeks and the warehouse is
packed to the rafter with woods. Several of the staple favourtes are
back – Cherry chips and chunks, Maple chips and chunks, along with Oak,
Hickory, Pecan and more… Also, be sure to try our new Sandalwood wood chips.. Try this and create the most AMAZING aroma while you cook…!!!

Also back – our 9kg / 20lb manual meat mincers. Hugely popular – they’re back in time for your Christmas sausages, holiday barbecues or perhaps your summer sausages…

DO Be a Silly Sausage! Huge 20% off Sale!

Hunters SavSummer is almost upon us along with the silly season. So for the lackof any better reason to have a sale – we’re taking 20% of the Hi Mountain Summer Sausage Kits!

These make a LOT of very, very tasty sausage. Simialr to a Straz
or other sandwich meat, they’re perfect for the lunch box, or for a cold
meat platter with a few drinks. Heaps of fun, easy to make, taste great
and they’re a good pick up at this price…

3 Flavours to choose from: Jalepeno, Original and Hunter’s Blend…

Check them out here

New Section on Smoked & Cured’s site – FAQ

Long overdure, but finally here. Our FAQ section. Where we try to cover everything from curing salts to smoking woods, DIY
Bacon and Ham to Banquet Bags. Please check it out. We’re hoping to had
to it frequently, and if there’s vital information that is NOT on there
and you think it should be – please let us know.

Also stay tuned for our upcoming recipe section.

Recipe of the month: Dr. Pepper Cherry Smoked Ribs

These were the best ribs we’ve ever had. Thanks to Josh in Adeliade for this beauty! Enjoy your $50.

Remember – to enter our monthly recipe competition and to have the
chance to win $50 at smoked and cured, please send you recipes to

2 cans of Dr Pepper (you can use any cola variety)
2 Tbsp Butter (Salted)
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
2 Tbsp Kosher Salt
6 Cloves of Garlic finely chopped
1 Onion finely chopped
1/2 Cup BBQ Sauce (Night of the Living…)
1/2 Apple Cider Vinegar/ White Wine Vinegar
1/4 Cup Worchester Sauce
4 Chilli’s finely chopped
1 Jar Stockyard Apple BBQ Rub
Corn Starch as needed

Ribs of choice – Baby Back Ribs is what we used

500g Cherry Chips / Pellets / Chunks


1) Make your sauce – ideally a day in advance.
Perheat stove. Over a medium heat – melt butter. Add Garlic,
onions, chilli. Stir til onions and garlic start to go soft and
see-through. Add BBQ sauce, Worchester sauce, vinergar, salt and Dr
Pepper. Drink remaining 1/2 can of Dr Pepper because it’s awesome and
after all that chopping you’ve earnt it. Turn heat down a touch and sit
rover the next 30 minutes while the sauce thickens. Add corn starch if
you think the sauce is too runny, but this may not be neccessary. Let
cool for 15-20 minutes then puree. Put in fridge.

2.) Prepare ribs in the usual way, trimming away the unwanted bits and smearing liberally with your Apple BBQ Rub.
This goes amazingly well with the sauce we prepared earlier and the
cherry smoke we’ll be infusing our cook with… Wrap ribs in foil and
put in the fridge along with the sauce… then get some sleep cos
tomorrow you’re going to have some eating to do…!

3.) Fire up smoker to about 110C. When humming, add cherry chips/chunks/pellets.
When it’s smoking, add the ribs. Cook in the usual manner – meat side
up. After 3 hours, remove ribs from the smoker, cover in foil then
replace and cook again. After another 2 hours, remove again. Brush 75%
of your sauce on your ribs and leave in the smoker until it begins to
caramelize. Do not fully cover with foil. After approx more 30 mins.
remove the ribs, add the remaining sauce, cover completely in foil and
cook for a final 30 minutes. Put aside for 20 mins, then slice them up
and serve!

All times are approximate only and will change depending on the
size of your meat and the consistency of your smoker (not a problem in
the Masterbuilt 😉 )


newsletter we write, we really enjoy going through our product reviews
to pick our 3 winners of the $20 store credit. Thank you for taking the
time to review our products and for giving us the feedback, they really

Congratulations to Vincent,
Danielle and John! Could Vincent please contact us so that we can apply
your $20 credit? Please remember to submit your name in full for any
reviews as it helps us identify you as the winner.

Indoor Smoking made easy 5 Star Review

Posted by Vincent on 26th Oct 2016

use Misty Gully’s mesquite liquid smoke to brine my brisket and chicken
over a few days. When baking these, not long will you get the smokey
aroma without smoke in your house. It is ideal for cooking indoors when
the weather does not permit you cooking on the bbq.

Hot Stuff

Posted by Danielle Schmidt on 23rd Oct 2016

It has all the taste that you need

Smooth Salami Skins

Posted by John Effer on 22nd Oct 2016

Excellent product, Fast delivery, Great suppliers


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