Masterbuilt 40" / 100cm GEN 2 Electric Smoker / STAND


This is a great addition to the Masterbuilt smoker range. 

Many of us have found that the smoker is just a little bit too low for easy access and this stand will lift it up making using your Masterbuilt 40"/100cm Gen 2 smoker even more enjoyable to use.

The smoker is designed to attach to the stand using the feet that built into the base, of course you will no longer have the use of the wheels if you add the stand.

This stand also makes using the Masterbuilt smoker with a Smoke Daddy Magnum much easier as you need more height to be able to put the Smoke Daddy in through the chip loader area.

We have not tested this stand with the older 40"/100cm Masterbuilt smoker at this point, but we will do so once they stock arrives and we will change the listing to reflect if it is suitable for both models.

We also plan on working out a way of enclosing the stand so that you can use it for storage, but I am sure that many of you will work out a way of doing this before we do, if you do we would love to see how you did it and get some photos loaded up for other users to share.