Misty Gully Banquet Bags Salami Casings - 50mm (5m length)


Misty Gully Banquet Bags - Salami Casings

50mm Diameter Salami Casings, 25 salami ring ties included.

Fill casings (no soaking required), smoke your salamis and hang them, air dry them or cure them in the refrigerator.

These are suitable as a replacement for fibrous casings and have the inbuilt Danish Banquet Bag technology to make your drying/aging even safer and quicker.

Just follow your standard recipe and replace your fibrous casings with these Banquet Bag Salami casings and hang in the refrigerator.

Download the instructions for further product information.

Salami casings do not require channel helper or a vacuum sealer.

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  • Amazing

    Posted by Danny on 24th Feb 2020


    We used these casings for the first time making some freshly harvested pure free range venison salami. I was curious to see how it would turn out being the non traditional way of curing meat. It was a great substitute if not permenante way to cure salami especially in warmer weather where the traditional method won't work. The instructions where fantastic and easy to understand. We had no problem filling them up with the meat grinder and the came out perfect. They took about 3 and half months in the fridge to cure to the hardness we like and they came out perfect. Family couldn't believe they were cured in the fridge now I can make salami all year round. Cheers guys.

  • Banquet Bags Salami casings 5metres

    Posted by Steve on 13th Jul 2019


    I received these bags quickly. They were well protected in a sturdy box and came in a zip-lock bag.. To my surprise there were zip-ties to seal the ends of each salami. Also inside were brochures with instructions(including pictorial) on how to make and ferment and hang the salami’s to age until ready to eat.I found these brochures very helpful. These casings are different from intestinal skins in that the salami’s are aged in the fridge. Also in actually making the salami’s, the casings are cut to individual lengths prior to filling. I have a small meat grinder and was able to fill each salami casing easily without any trouble. As these casings are not elastic, I had no difficulty in avoiding air pockets. In fact only 1 salami in the several I made in the batch had a small air pocket. I discovered this during the fermenting stage. No drama as they are sealed unlike intestinal casings. The zip-ties also have a ring from which they can be hung. My salami’s have now been hung in the fridge and I am waiting for their 35% - 40% weight reduction so I can devour them with some red wine and/or beer, Kalakaua olives and Gorgonzola cheese !! Buono appetito!

  • salami casings

    Posted by frank gerstenmajer on 8th May 2019


    started using them and I am happy with them

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