A new product range is just around the corner, we have listed them in our store so you can get a headstart and order them now for delivery after they arrive in stock next week.

Bacon Salts & Rubs from J&D’s Foods USA. We have been looking for a great tasting Bacon Rub/Seasoning for a long time, every sample we got was either too salty or tasted like every other seasoning than Bacon, but then we got the J&D’s and we stopped looking.

They really know what they like and they have bottled Bacon so that everyone can put that Yummy salty, smokey, rich Bacon flavour into anything and everything.

You can even use them to season your next batch of Jerky, imagine it BACON JERKY, YUMMMMMMM.

We have also added some of their other products to our range, because we could, Malt & Salt , Bacon Croutons and Black Truffle crisps.


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